Higashihiroshima International Ballet・SAYAKA Ballet

TEL : 090-2003-0824

​Mail : kira2.hib2018@hotmail.com

*Trial (one time only) is accepted.
Please make a reservation in advance and feel free to participate.
Contact us from here. by phone : 090-2003-0824
I might not be able to answer the phone. I will contact you from here if you leave a message.
In order to avoid troubles, please do so with a number notification.
Furthermore, we can not spend money on WEB PR.
Please refrain from the sales person's business.
Contact us from here. by e-mail : kira2.hib2018@hotmail.com
There is a possibility that the mail you sent may not reach here.
​Also, there were times when the reply from here did not arrive.
I always try to reply to the mail that arrives on the next day.
If you do not receive a reply after 2 days from sending, please contact us at 090-2003-0824


*The place is Higashihiroshima in Hiroshima Prefecture.
    For security reasons, the studio address on the WEB site is not displayed.     For more details, we will wait for the direct contact.
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